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… quench your thirst the healthy way!


Doctors and nutritionists agree: if your liquid intake is sufficient and your body is supplied with the necessary minerals, you fulfil an important prerequisite for continued health. Every day we all lose at least two litres of body fluid that must be replaced. External and internal factors such as heat, dry air, stress and physical exertion place an additional strain on our body, which increases the amount of fluids we require.

Healthy refreshment

Our trinkForm®mineral drinks taste great, quench your thirst, are reviving and balance the body’s mineral level.

trinkForm mineral drinks are available in a range of fruity flavours, in either instant or concentrate form. They are low in calories and can be used in any mixture ratio. Our range also includes reduced sugar light products.


Why trinkForm mineral drinks?

An overview of the benfits:



Quality at an affordable price

We guarantee you a cost-effective supply and great satisfaction.



The convenient way to quench your thirst:
fruity concentrates with a rounded, fully-developed flavour.


Drink dispensers

For dispensing our trinkForm mineral drinks in the workplace we recommend using the approved trinkForm® dispenser.




trinkForm® instant products with natural fruit extracts and sugar are the perfect way to restore your energy.


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